First Call for Proposal

The Australian Microbiome initiative will support DNA and RNA sequencing efforts of natural environmental samples through our NCRIS funded facilities to deliver information on microbial occurrence, distribution and function in samples representative of important natural Australian environments, collated into a searchable public database that will allow researchers and other end-users to address a broad variety of questions and foster innovative research. The initiative follows standardised methods and workflows.

This is the initial call for proposals from the community for candidate samples. Further calls will be made throughout the life of the initiative (~four times a year) until funds are expended. Please feel free to promote this first call to whomever might be interested in being involved in the project.

We encourage potential submitter to contact the Project Manager and/or the Science Lead before placing a submission to discuss the suitability of the proposal. Find initiative contacts here

Criteria for proposal assessment

Submissions should respond to the key criteria questions posed in the Proposal Criteria document for consideration by the Project Assessment Panel and Steering Committee. Please download and fill the above pro-forma and email your completed responses to the initiative Project Manager (Dr Sophie Mazard;

The projects proposed for inclusion to the Australian Microbiome Initiative may be provided to external reviewers for assessment purposes and we may initiate discussions between submitters of similar projects to foster collaboration and avoid duplication of activities.

It should be noted that this is NOT a grant opportunity and level of co investment is required. The sequencing will be undertaken by Bioplatforms Australia genomics facilities through their Framework Initiative strategic investments. Data are made publicly available immediately upon generation. Please read through the Collaborative agreement, Data policy and Communications policy before submitting a proposal.

Call for proposal rounds 2019

Call for proposal open Call for proposal close Call assessed and feedback provided by
01 May 2019 31 May 2019 Q3 2019
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