Papers – Initiative introductions

Bissett, A., Fitzgerald, A., Meintjes, T., Mele, P., Reith, F., & Dennis, P. et al. (2016). Introducing BASE: the Biomes of Australian Soil Environments soil microbial diversity database. Gigascience5(1)

Papers and Proceedings – Consortium’s research activities

Brown, M. V., Van De Kamp, J., Ostrowski, M., Seymour, J. R., Ingleton, T., Messer, L. F., & Nelson, T. M. et al. (2018). Systematic, continental scale temporal monitoring of marine pelagic microbiota by the Australian Marine Microbial Biodiversity Initiative. Scientific data5, 180130.  

Liddicoat, C., Bi, P., Waycott, M., Glover, J., Breed, M., & Weinstein, P. (2018). Ambient soil cation exchange capacity inversely associates with infectious and parasitic disease risk in regional Australia. Science Of The Total Environment, 626, 117-125

Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Reith, F., Dennis, P., Hamonts, K.,Powell, J., & Young, A. et al. (2018). Ecological drivers of soil microbial diversity and soil biological networks in the Southern Hemisphere. Ecology.

Yan, D., Mills, J., Gellie, N., Bissett, A., Lowe, A., &Breed, M. (2017). High-throughput eDNA monitoring of fungi to track functional recovery in ecological restoration. Biological Conservation217, 113-120

Raes, E. J., Bodrossy, L., van de Kamp, J., Bissett, A.,Ostrowski, M., Brown, M. V., & Waite, A. M. et al. (2018). Oceanographic boundaries constrain microbial diversity gradients in the South Pacific Ocean. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201719335

Noronha, M., Lacerda Júnior, G., Gilbert, J., & de Oliveira, V. (2017).Taxonomic and functional patterns across soil microbial communities of global biomes. Science Of The Total Environment609, 1064-1074

Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Bissett, A., Eldridge, D., Maestre, F., He, J., &Wang, J. et al. (2017). Palaeoclimate explains a unique proportion of the global variation in soil bacterial communities. Nature Ecology & Evolution1(9), 1339-1347

Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Powell, J., Hamonts, K., Reith, F., Mele, P., & Brown, M. et al. (2017). Circular linkages between soil biodiversity, fertility and plant productivity are limited to top soil at the continental scale. New Phytologist215(3), 1186-1196

Midgley, D., Greenfield, P., Bissett, A., & Tran-Dinh, N. (2017). First evidence of Pezoloma ericae in Australia: using the Biomes of Australia Soil Environments (BASE) to explore the Australian phylogeography of known ericoid mycorrhizal and root-associated fungi. Mycorrhiza27(6), 587-594

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Bissett, A. and Brown, M.V. (2018) Alpha-diversity is strongly influenced by the composition of other samples when using multiplexed sequencing approaches, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 127:79-81

Yuanyuan Yang, Raphael A. Viscarra Rossel, Shuo Li, Andrew Bissett, Juhwan Lee, Zhou Shi, Thorsten Behrens, Leon Court.  Soil bacterial abundance and diversity better explained and predicted with spectro-transfer functions (2019), Soil Biology and Biochemistry: 129: 29-38.

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Surfing bacteria reveal new insights into the ocean’s health. University of Newcastle newsroom, 07 August 2018

Bioplatforms Australia press release – Marine microbial data initiative supports a sea-change (Marine Microbe Framework Data Initiative), Apr 2017

Bioplatforms Australia press release – Australia leading a dirty endeavour with global significance (Biome of Australian Soil Environments (BASE) Framework Data Initiative), Oct 2016

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Massive study of ocean microbes to help predict climate change impact, ABC Newcastle by Ben Millington, 8 Aug 2018

Reef health study, Townsville Bulletin by Victoria Nugent
17 May 2017

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Amazing Microbes – The Importance of Microbiology, by Malou Zuidema,  

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