Update on Initiative progress – July 2019

Here are the main highlights of the Australian Microbiome Initiative activities:

  • The first call for proposals for candidate samples was very successful. We received 22 submissions from the community proposing samples across a broad range of environments. This is very exciting but it also means that it is taking us a little longer than anticipated to finalise recommendations. The panel of assessors has been hard at work, they have met twice to discuss each proposal in the context of the aims of the Initiative and further discussions with the investigators have started. Draft recommendations will be provided shortly to the Steering Committee.
  • The full governance structure of the Initiative will be completed over the coming months through the establishment of the following groups:
    • Data management and analytics working group
    • End users strategy working group
    • External advisors panel

*Terms of Reference, responsibilities and membership soon finalised

  • Exciting new data is coming to the data portal! Not only will the microbial diversity data be updated, but there will also be additional offerings, the first of many to come!
    • The standard denoised ASV dataset (updated with the latest sequencing batch and contextual metadata)
    • The unique ASV dataset (non-denoised, larger size file that will require more analytical know how)
    • Metaxa2 derived metagenome phylogeny (16S, 18S)

Future updates of the data portal will also be announced through the Initiative’s website update page and on the initiative’s Twitter feed

And remember as ongoing items:

  • Contribution to the website are very welcome to showcase the consortium research activities and interesting news such as:
    • potential stories with imagery if possible (e.g. sampling expeditions, day to day research snippets, publications, conference attendance, job adverts, funding opportunities) to ensure that the “updates” page has regular new features.
    • a short summary of your research activities facilitated through the initiative (or previous projects from BASE and Marine Microbes)
    • any relevant upcoming event such as conference/workshop, “celebration” day like the recent World Microbiome day!
  • Any item of news and promotion that can be run through the Initiative’s Twitter

If you or your group have a Twitter account, follow the initiative’s Twitter, it will be good for the initiative’s nucleus accumbens!

Best wishes
Dr Sophie Mazard РAustralian Microbiome Initiative Project Manager