The Australian Microbiome Initiative is a continental-scale, collaborative project aspiring to characterise the diversity and ecosystem service provision of the microorganisms inhabiting natural Australian ecosystems.

Australian Microbiome Initiative sample map (November 2021). Sample extent is from Christmas Island to Antarctica. Find out more about The Australian Microbiome Initiative activities.

How to acknowledge the Australian Microbiome Initiative

The mission of the Australian Microbiome (AM) project is to develop a comprehensive, publicly-accessible database of microbial diversity across a geographically expansive and diverse range of Australian terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The AM database will deliver searchable information on the occurrence and distribution of potential microbiological resources, collated into a searchable public database that will allow researchers and other end-users to address a broad variety of questions in microbial ecology. By providing unprecedented access to environmental microbiological information across the Australian land- and sea-scape, the AM project will enable large spatial and temporal- scale examinations of ecosystem function, biogeochemistry, bio-discovery, within natural Australian habitats.

The initiative aims to develop an Australian microbial genomics resource for management, monitoring, and R&D purposes. The consortium efforts will:

  • Sustain and strengthen the Australian environmental microbial genomic resource
  • Engage a broad range of end users and improve collaboration between researchers in different research fields
  • Enhance functionality to allow translation of the resource for applied outcomes (to broad range of end-users and uses) and foster innovative research

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