All sampling methods, data generated and analytical workflows for the Australian Microbiome initiative activities are publicly accessible. The requirements for access and use of the data, as well as appropriate acknowledgements in communications that arise from the initiative consortium’s work are defined in the Data policy and Communication policy, and support the collaborative agreement from the initiative.

Initiative workflows

The protocols and workflows underpinning the creation of the Australian Microbiome genomics resource are being collected into a complete scientific manual. As the initiative progresses, the manual will be updated with potential new methods. The current manual contains methods on sample collection, sample processing and sequencing workflows.

🦠 Latest Australian Microbiome scientific manual

All samples are accompanied by extensive contextual metadata describing the environment in which the sample was collected, including physical, chemical and biological parameters.

🦠 Contextual metadata (spreadsheet for collection of metadata)

🦠 Bioinformatic and analytics workflows
🧬 Bacterial and Archaeal 16S rRNA gene amplicon
🧬 Eukaryotic 18S rRNA gene amplicon
🧬 Fungal ITS amplicon


Australian Microbiome GitHub repository of analytic workflows

Legacy methods and data

The methods and analytics of the Australian Microbiome genomics resource has evolved since the establishment of the successive initiatives. You can access legacy informations including earlier methods version here.

Data access

Data portal access to primary and processed sequence data with associated contextual metadata

External resources

Genomic Standard Consortium